Full Call for Application Resolution of the Call

IMDEA Food Institute (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Food) adheres to the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researcher.

The IMDEA Food Institute is a research institution created by the Madrid Regional Government in coordination with universities, research centers of Madrid, and enterprises. Constituted as a non-profit organization within the framework of the IV Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation (IV PRICIT), it is conceived - structurally and legally - with the aim of bringing research into society.

IMDEA Food Institute is committed to excellence in research and to foster technology transfer to the industrial sector in a truly international environment. More information about the research and scope of the activities of IMDEA Food Institute can be found at the institute webpage


The call is made under the provisions of  Additional provision eleven of Law 4/2021, December 23, of the General Budget of the Community of Madrid for 2022 and the Order of  November 28, 2022 of the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Community of Madrid.

A selective process is called for the coverage of a staff vacant position of researcher in the  the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Unit (Bioinformatician) at the IMDEA Food Foundation, with the profile and characteristics established in Annex 1 of the official Call.

Job Description

The Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Unit collaborates with the different groups in IMDEA Food and external groups in order to perform complex Biostatistic and Bioinformatic analyses: phenotype/genotype associations, identification of biomarkers, the analysis of gene expression microarray data, RT-qPCR analysis, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, etc; as well as Biostatistical analyses: multivariate analyses, design of experiments, longitudinal analyses, survival analyses, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In addition, their members develop their own research lines, on Artificial Intelligence in Molecular Design, and on new bioinformatics tools for Nutritional Genomics research.

  • Functions Research profile.

The functions that must be carried out will be those related to the Unit´s objetives.

Responsible for providing bioinformatic and biostatistic support as assigned by the Scientific Director of the Genyal Platform.

Serves as primary bioinformatic  and biostatistic on one or more projects.

Participates in the bioinformatic and biostatistic analysis of data in omics technologies, health status and precision nutrition, including participation in study design discussions.

Application of algorithms, databases and information systems, web technologies, soft computing, information and computation theory, data mining, image processing, modeling, circuit theory and statistics to one or more projects.

Participation in grant proposal preparations, study protocols, perform statistical analyses, interpret statistical results, and prepare reports that include integrated summaries for reports and manuscript preparation.

Bioinformatic analysis of genomic data:

 • Computational analysis of massive gene expression data.

• Data integration for the functional interpretation of omic data.

• Modeling of molecular networks to interpret associations between multiomics data.

• Integrative analysis of nutrigenomic experiments using different data mining techniques.

• Development of algorithms and web-based applications for the study of molecular nutrition.


Education required:

Education (min. Master) in fields related to computer science or biology is required. A PhD degree and related to Life Sciences will be valued.

Curricular merits of the candidate, to evaluate:

• Contributions:

- Co-author of prestigious scientific publications (indexed in international databases), some of them as the first autor, books or chapters of scientific and technical books.

- Co-author of communications to scientific conferences.

- Co-inventor in granted or licensed patents.

  • Participation in R+D+i activities:

- Participation in competitive research projects, contracts with companies, agreements, both national and international, related to the research area of the position/ especially involving work as a care nutritionist.

- International mobility (stays in foreign research centers).

  • Other curricular merits:

- Successful applications in highly competitive scientific programs for young researchers (e.g. "Juan de la Cierva" Program, "JAE" Program, "PEJ"-POST Program, etc.)

- Obtaining awards, mentions and research distinctions.

- Other contributions not included in the previous sections.

Other merits to assess:

- Specific experience in the research area of the position:

          Demonstrated experience in multiple areas of bioinformatics and biostatistics.

         Experience in the use of commonly used software tools and technologies in the field (Java, XML, Perl, C, Python, R, SQL, CUDA, MATLAB, SAS®..).

         Additionally, Programming in R and Python. Bioconductor and Biopython. SQL databases. Linux. Shell, Git and Docker programming. HTML.

- Co-direction of doctoral theses and degree and master's projects.

- Participation in the preparation of proposals to attract external financing.

- Collaboration in transversal activities (dissemination of results, ..)


- Ability to work independently on routine tasks as well as new assignments.

- Demonstrate strong organizational skills and teamwork.

- Proactive attitude, professional leadership.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be selected based on the profiles described in Annex 1 as appropriately outlined in their CV by a Selection Committee composed by scientist staff of IMDEA Food Institute. Ad-hoc experts could be participating in the process. The best-qualified applicants can be invited locally for an interview by the Selection Committee.

The personal interview will consist of conducting a face-to-face or videoconference interview that will deal only with the merits declared by the candidates in the competition phase and will be aimed at assessing the candidate's suitability for the position. The interview will have a maximum duration of 45 minutes.

Selection criteria:

I. Curricular merits: 0-50*

II. Other merits: 0-20*

III. Interview: 0-30


Type of contract: permanet full-time employment contract with trial period established by law.

Dedication: full-time, 37.5 hours per week, from Monday to Friday.

Duratio: permanet.

Incorporación: immediately after the selection process.


Headquarter of the IMDEA Food Insitute, Madrid (SPAIN)



Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal opportunities are guaranteed in the selection process, without any forms of discrimination. 

IMDEA Food commitment is to guarantee equality in measures to balance personal, family and working life and to promote gender equality.