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  This position is funded by the 2018 Call for the Attraction of Research Talent of the Community of Madrid (Ref. 2018-T1/BMD-11966)



We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral scientist. His/her research activity will be funded through the project with reference 2018-T1/BMD-11966 funded by the Community of Marid - Talent Program. This project focuses on the implementation of nutritional and sustainable interventions to extend healthy aging and reduce the appearance of age-associated diseases including cancer. Therefore, we are looking for a researcher with previous experience in the fields of metabolism and cancer in order to continue with novel research lines that have been initiated based on preliminary results obtained through this program, and to identify molecular mechanisms underneath.

Main functions to carry out:

- Animal research, including (i) experimental design and development of ethical protocols, (ii) metabolic fenotypind and/or characterization, and (iii) implementation of anti-cancer strategies to reduce tumor growth.

- Characterization of tissue-specific intracellular effectors and novel biomarkers responsible for the metabolic effects associated with the implemented interventions.

- Bioinformatic analysis of gene-arrays

- General lab assistance tasks (ordering, maintenance,...)


Academic formation:

- Bachelor in Biology or similar

- Master focused in Biomedicine

- PhD. in Biomedicine o similar

- Certificate to work with animal models.

Professional Experience:

1) Lab-research experience in the fields of metabolism, oncology, etc:

- Obtention and processing of biological samples

- Cell Culture

- Cell biology and molecular biology techniques (qPCR, WB, ICC, etc.)

- Omics techniques

- Bioinformatics and big data analysis

- Previous experience working with animal models

2) Oral communications in conferences related to Oncology and Metabolism

3) At least one first-author publication in JCR Journal (first decil and/or quartil)

4) Patents will be positively evaluated.

5) Participation in competitive research projects in the fields of Oncology and Metabolism

6) B1 English Title (accredited)

7) Research stays in countries different than the country of origin

8) Participation in science research dissemination events

Other merits that will be taken into consideration:

1) Participation in courses related to the fields of Oncology and Metabolism.

2) Obtention of scientific awards and/or research fellowships.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be selected based on the profile described in Requirements by a Selection Committee composed by scientist staff of IMDEA Food Institute. Ad-hoc experts could be participating in the process.

The best-qualified applicants will go to the second selection phase consisting of a personal interview by the Selection Committee.

The personal interview will consist of conducting a face-to-face or videoconference interview that will deal only with the merits claimed by the candidates in the competition phase and will be aimed at assessing the candidate's suitability for the position. The interview will have a maximum duration of 45 minutes.


Contract: Full-time temporaly employment contract with trial period established by law.

Dedication: 37,5 h/week, split day, Monday to Friday

Duration: 16 months (max. until 01/31/2023)

Annual gross salary: 27.950 euro



Headquarter of the IMDEA Food Insitute, Madrid (SPAIN)