Call for Director position at IMDEA Food Institute

Full Call for Application

IMDEA Food Institute (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Food) adheres to the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researcher.

The IMDEA Food Institute is a research institution created by the Madrid Regional Government in coordination with universities, research centers of Madrid, and enterprises. Constituted as a non-profit organization within the framework of the IV Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation (IV PRICIT), it is conceived - structurally and legally - with the aim of bringing research into society.

IMDEA Food Institute is committed to excellence in research and to foster technology transfer to the industrial sector in a truly international environment. More information about the research and scope of the activities of IMDEA Food Institute can be found at the institute webpage


The selected director is expected to lead the Institute driving its scientific excellence and bringing new opportunities for health, wellness and progress through Precision Nutrition to society. As established in Foundation's Bylaws, the Director will be responsible for directing, promoting and supervising all the activities of the Institute, within the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees; to hire the personnel at the service of the Foundation and to act as hierarchical superior of all the personnel of the Foundation; to coordinate the elaboration of the action plans of the Foundation, determining its needs and resources, as well as the necessary means to achieve the aims of the Foundation; to formulate the budgets and annual accounts; to determine the distribution and application of the funds available for the purposes of the Foundation, within the general limits established by the Board of Trustees as well as public and private competitive calls for R&D&I project financing.


The candidates must demonstrate a high level in the following aspects (cumulatively):

a) Leadership and management skills. Experience in management of R&D centers or units.

b) Scientific and technological capacity in the area of Life and Food Sciences and more specifically in Precision Nutrition, IMDEA Food's hallmark.

c) Capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship in the area. Contribution to the transformation of the socioeconomic ecosystem of food, nutrition and health.

d) Capacity for communication and dissemination of scientific and technological advances in nutrition, food and health

Selection Criteria

Evaluation and selection of candidates.

In accordance with the Foundation's Bylaws, the Scientific Council shall advise the Board of Trustees in the selection process.

The selection or non-selection decision resulting from the process will be notified individually to each candidate.


Full-time contract with remuneration according to the responsibilities of the position, the merits and worth of the selected candidate.


Headquarter of the IMDEA Food Insitute, Madrid (SPAIN)